There are lots of different options for places to live and we try to cover as many of them as we can in this section. If you think you want to move house or change where you live your social worker, key worker or health & wellbeing coordinator will be able to talk to you about which options maybe best for you.

 Below are a list of some of the housing providers in the area which help people with a learning disability to live independently and support them to live happy, healthy and independent lifestyles.


There may be other housing providers out there that you may prefer and you should check out all the options available before making a decision about where you want to live.

Below is a download leaflet from Home Choice Links which has some information on social housing within North East Lincolnshire.

Download: homechoice lincs leaflet

Home Choice Links leaflet on housing within North East Lincolnshire. (Size: 4 MB)


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