Health & Wellbeing

Out of Hours G.P. Poster

Details about the Out of Hours GP (Size: 140 KB)

LD Health Check

Information about a Health Check for people with a Learning Disability (Size: 531 KB)

Psychology and IST

(Size: 212 KB)

What Is Good-Health-Care

A guide on what to expect whilst the NHS care for you. (Size: 6 MB)

Health Check GP Template

The form that your Doctor uses to complete your health check. (Size: 211 KB)

Having A Blood Test

Information on what to expect when having a blood test. (Size: 223 KB)

Having A C.T. scan

A guide on what will happen when you have a CT scan. (Size: 242 KB)

Having An X-Ray

Guide to having an X-Ray at hospital. (Size: 372 KB)

Breast Screening

Information on going for breast screening. (Size: 479 KB)

Outpatient Appointments

Information on going to appointments at hospital. (Size: 254 KB)

Being Safe In The Sun

Information on staying safe during a heat wave, hot or sunny weather. (Size: 104 KB)

Understanding Autism

Information on Autistic Specturm Conditions and understanding Autism. (Size: 202 KB)

Care in the sun

Advice on how to stay safe in the sun

(Size: 837 KB)

CQC Health Needs of LD

A CQC special study into the health needs of people with a learning disability. (Size: 481 KB)

Relationships & Sexual Health

Help with relationships and sexual health. (Size: 371 KB)

Guidance for HAP

A guide to health action planning for professionals. (Size: 5 MB)

SLT Eating & Swallowing

A guide to how Speech and Language Therapy can help with eating and swallowing difficulties (Size: 42 KB)

Hospital Liaison Nurse

Information about the Learning Disability Hospital Liaison Nurse based at Dianna Princess of Wales Hospital, Grimsby (Size: 292 KB)

EOL Professionals Guide

A guide for professionals working with people at the end of their life. (Size: 2 MB)

Lincs Inspire Adapted Gym

Information about the Lincs Inspire Adapted Gym (Size: 640 KB)

Lincs Inspire Toning Suite

Information about the Lincs Inspire Toning Suite (Size: 710 KB)

Lincs Inspire Ice Skating

Information about the Lincs Insire Ice Skating for people with a disability (Size: 1 MB)

Flu Jab - Easy read info

Easy read information about getting a flu jab (Size: 189 KB)

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