Carers Rights

Guide to your rights as a carer. (Size: 32 KB)

Inheritance and Gift Property

A guide for carers on gifting property and inheritance. (Size: 387 KB)

Social Value Workshop

Invite to the Social Value Workshop. (Size: 1 MB)

PA Client Guide

Information for clients wanting to use the Personal Assistant Bureau.

(Size: 865 KB)

carers personalisation event

North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus Carer's Personalisation Event (Size: 29 KB)

Folk at The Parkway

Carer's event - Folk At The Parkway. (Size: 36 KB)

Leeds amouries

Carer's event - Leed Armouries (Size: 53 KB)

Leaving school leaflet

Transition guide to leaving school and what you can do next. (Size: 1 MB)

Year 7 Transition Planning

A guide for Year 7 pupils on planning for your future. (Size: 1001 KB)

Year 8 Transition Parents

A guide for Parent & Carers who have pupils in year 8. (Size: 602 KB)

Year 8 Transition Planning

A guide for pupils who are in Year 8 on their transition options. (Size: 986 KB)

Year 9 Transition Choices

A more in depth look at transition choices for pupils in year 9. (Size: 1 MB)

Year 9 Transition Meetings

More information for people in Year 9 on what to expect in transition meetings. (Size: 727 KB)

Year 9 Transition Parents

Information for parents and carers of someone in year 9 on transition. (Size: 758 KB)

PA Guide

A guide for people who want to become a Personal Assistant.

(Size: 1 MB)

NEL Carers Support service

Information about the Carers Support Service (Size: 308 KB)

Supporting Carers Leaflet

Inofrmation about the carers support service (Size: 1003 KB)

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