Valuing People says that all people with a learning disability have the same rights as anybody else. Everyone has the right to the same respect and this means that people should not treat people with a learning disability badly.


We all have the right to receive the support we need to be included, but sometimes it's not like that. Most of us, at some stage, will face discrimination of some kind in our everyday life.


There are many places you can go for more information on your rights. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) protects you from being treated unfairly. If you feel you are being treated unfairly you can make a complaint. You could ask your social worker or advocate to help you with this or access the Employers forum on Disability website.

For more information on your rights and your responsibilities you can download these useful guides:

Download: Rights Book

My Rights leaflet, knowing your rights for people with a learning disability. (Size: 1 MB)

Download: Rights & Responsibilities

Ministry Of Justice Rights & Responsibilities easy read booklet. (Size: 1 MB)

If you think that your rights are being ignored, you are being bullied, abused or taken advantage of then you may need the help of the Safeguarding Adults team. You can download this booklet on information about them:

Download: Safeguarding Adults FEB 2010

Our latest safeguarding policy for protecting vulnberable adults. (Size: 966 KB)

Download: Safeguarding Adults Policy

Dept. Of Health Safeguarding Adults policy. (Size: 357 KB)

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