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About The Team

There are 2 Speech & Language Therapists in the Community Learning Disabilities Team: Tina Seed (Principal Speech & Language Therapist) and Gerlind Tredinnick (Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist).

We are based at the Queen Street Health & Wellbeing Centre in Grimsby. We see people in lots of different places like day centres, college, their home or in the community.



When we work with adults with a learning disability we assess the person to find out what their communication strengths are.  The person may communicate using a formal system such as objects, sign supported speech, photographs and/or speech. Some people may use their own way such as vocalisations, facial expressions or body language to express themselves.

 Whatever the person’s strengths and abilities are, we aim to work with the individual and their supporters (e.g. family, staff).  The aim is to give everyone the understanding and skills how best to support the person’s communication. We also offer specific communication groups for adults with a learning disability when appropriate.

Eating, Drinking & Swallowing

Speech & Language Therapists work with people who have eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. Some of our clients may have regular or infrequent choking incidents, others may have problems chewing or controlling the food and drink in their mouths.

 Eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties can lead to a number of problems if not detected or managed including

  • Choking
  • Coughing
  • Weight loss
  • Refusal to eat/drink
  • Recurrent chest infections

 Please see our Eating and Drinking leaflet (below) for further information on more signs of a difficulty, how we assess and manage swallowing problems.

You can download the documents below for more information about how the Speech and Language Therapists can help with communication and eating & swallowing

Download: SLT Help with Communication

A guide to how Speech and Language Therapy can help with communication (Size: 1 MB)

Download: SLT Eating & Swallowing

A guide to how Speech and Language Therapy can help with eating and swallowing difficulties (Size: 42 KB)

Further information can also be found in the SLT leaflet for Carers:

Download: SLT Carers Leaflet

Information for carers about the Speech and language therapists (Size: 655 KB)

Contact: Speech & Language Therapy

Telephone: 01472 571 120

Address: Queen Street Centre, Queen Street, Grimsby

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