Healthy Eating

Eating is something we all do everyday and that we often enjoy but that we don't often give much thought to. What we eat though has a big effect on our health and our body. Not eating properly can result in putting on weight, feeling tired and could lead to medical conditions like diabetes later in life.

A balanced healthy diet however is good for you, will help you manage your weight, make you feel more energetic and will help to look after your body as you get older.

To eat a healthy diet you have to eat the right things.

People recommend that in one day you should eat 5 different peices of fruit or vegetables. You should always try and change what fruit and vegetables you eat so that you eat as many different things as possible to have a really good diet.

If you think you need help with eating a healthy diet or have any questions about being healthy you can talk to your Doctor, who may get a dietician to speak to you if you need more advice. A dietician is a person who specialises in eating properly.

If you have a Health & Wellbeing Coordinator you can also ask them for help on eating a healthy diet.

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