Courses can come in two different types. You can have a longer, full time, course or a shorter, part time, course.

A longer term course typically takes an academic year, like a school year, from September to the following June. These often require you to go to something like a college or training centre to attended classes and do course work and possibly exams throughout the year.

A shorter course won't last as long as a full time course. A part time or short course could mean that you only attend one or two sessions or days a week throughout a term, or it could be that you attend all week for only 1 or 2 weeks.

Both types give you really valuable skills that you will learn and a qualification at the end of the course. The choice of doing a full time or part time course may depend on what course it is you want to do or it could depend on what else you do with your time.

Different schools, colleges and training centres run a lot of different courses. Different places may offer the same course but one place could teach it full time and the other part time and may have different ways of running the course, so you should speak to all the places in your area to decide which is best for you.

Take a look at our Education & Work page to view information about some of the training colleges in our area.


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