Education is another way of saying learning, which can mean more than just being at school. There are lots of education and learning opportunities out there.

You may decide that once you leave school that you want to go on to college, either to study a full time course, a bit like school, or you may only wish to study part time, for maybe 1 or 2 days a week.

In this section we explore the options for your education, from one off short courses to longer term education programs, work based learning, vocational and academic courses.

Work based learning means learning whilst you are on the job, like an apprenticeship that gains you a qualification at the same time as being in paid work.

A vocational course means that you would be learning a specific skill, like plumbing, building or electrical skills that are more hands on practical courses.

Academic courses are more like school where you study in a class room learning about specific subjects.

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