MyLife - Person Centred Support Planning for People with Dementia

For People diagnosed with Dementia, it is essential the care & support they receive is focused around them. Enabling them to be as independent as possible and remain in control of decisions that affect their life.

The North East Lincolnshire Dementia Forum together with partner agencies and families have joined together to develop Person Centred Support Planning for People with Dementia in North East Lincolnshire.


my life is a series of planning tools that can be used to develop meaningful plans that outline the person and family’s wishes

Any plan developed must ensure, that the person along with their family are consulted at all times.


For more information please download the leaflet below:

Download: Dementia Planning Leaflet

Information about Person Centred Planning for People with Dementia (Size: 270 KB)


It is the person & care-giver who know best

MyLife Newsletter

You can download the latest edition of the MyLife Newsletter here:

Download: MyLife Newsletter January 2015

January 2015 edition of the MyLife newsletter (Size: 338 KB)


My Life Tools


my life - work book

This Work book can be offered to people (as a choice) at significant times or when they approach information points: e.g. following diagnosis, seeking general inquires Etc.

The work book can enable people (& support agencies to work together if the person wishes), to plan for the here and now and build up for the future.

Download: MyLife Workbook

Editable MyLife Workbook (requires Microsoft Word) (Size: 4 MB)


my life - support plan

This Support Plan outlines the care and support needed & personal information required to deliver personalised care in a care setting. A Support Plan once completed can be added to and changed: to reflect present and future needs.

Download: MyLife Support PLan

Editable MyLife Support Plan (requires Microsoft Word) (Size: 4 MB)


Example Support Plan

Oliver Smith - An example of a my life Support Plan

Download: MyLife Example Support Plan

An example of my MyLife Support Plan (Size: 1 MB)


my life - one page profile

Quick look profile

Download: MyLife One Page Profile

Editable My Life One page profile (requires Microsoft Word) (Size: 57 KB)


my life - for when I am in hospital

Can be used by Care & Support staff when supporting someone in Hospital

Download: MyLife For In Hospital

Editable document for supporting a person in hospital (requires Microsoft Word) (updated June 2013) (Size: 1 MB)


my life - Review

Paper work to hold a review of my life Support Plan

The Support Plan and the person, rely on those caring for them to review the plan, and ensure their lives are fulfilled, and that supporting - services reflect the present needs of the person.

Download: MyLlife Support Plan Review

Editable MyLife Support Plan Review (requires Microsoft Word) (Size: 280 KB)



Progress for Providers

Self-assessment tool for Care Homes to check progress in delivering personalised support for people living with dementia.

A very simple, quick tool to identify how person centred your service is, and how to progress.

Download: Dementia Progress

Self-assessment tool for Care Homes delivering support for people living with dementia.

(Size: 1 MB)



What If – Celebrating My Life Plan

t the appropriate times this plan is to enable People and their love ones, to make advanced decisions: regarding the person’s wishes in the distant future, and make the most of the present.

What If - asks key questions to think about:

  • The importance of making a will
  • Are there other people involved in making decisions for the person (e.g. Is there a Lasting Power of Attorney in place?)
  • Where does the person wish to spend their final days?
  • How does the person want their life to be celebrated: and their final messages to loved ones?

What If: in an informal way begins the conversation and reminds us: “Don’t leave it too late to say what you want”

Where advanced concerns over clinical care are raised these will be raised with the relevant Health professionals involved at the time.

There are two versions of this file - One to fill in using your computer and one that can be printed and written on.

Download: What If - EOL Dementia Plan

Editable version - What If - Celebrating My Life Plan EOL Dementia (requires Microsoft Word) (updated June 2013) (Size: 6 MB)




Download: What If - EOL Plan to Print

Version to print and then fill in - What If - Celebrating My Life Plan EOL Dementia (updated June 2013) (Size: 1 MB)